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 乔治•威斯尼斯人官方网站登录(1886 - 1962)

20世纪初的经济扩张使许多美国企业家变得富有,这并不奇怪. 当财富和成功降临到乔治·威斯尼斯人官方网站登录身上时, 他毕业于堪萨斯州帕森斯商学院, it came to man of deep Christian faith and a lifelong member of Churches of Christ.

在1909年威斯尼斯人官方网站登录, 当时23岁,新婚不久, 成立西部汽车供应公司, 提供汽车零件和配件的专业零售连锁商店, 最初的投资是5美元. Serving a nation just beginning its love affair with the automobile, 西部汽车以指数速度增长,最终经营规模约为1,全美200家门店.

Pepperdine had always exercised a spirit of generosity and charity, 他认为自己是上帝托付给他的财产的管家和管理人. 当他观察到基督教青年男女在接受高等教育后对信仰失去兴趣的惊人速度时,这种管理意识成熟为一种命运的召唤. He determined that he would dedicate his fortune to creating and endowing a college that would provide the best education possible, 由行政人员管理,由支持学生基督教信仰的教授教授.

9月21日, 1937年(每年纪念创始人日)乔治威斯尼斯人官方网站登录学院成立并落成, a mere seven months after Pepperdine had decided to go ahead with construction in February. 同年11月, Pepperdine addressed the students and first set out what continues to guide 威尼斯游戏软件下载's educational philosophy and policy to this day:

There are many good colleges and universities which can give you standard academic training, 但如果威斯尼斯人官方网站登录学校不能给你更多, 它真的没有存在的理由. 这所学院与其他学院最大的不同之处在于,威斯尼斯人官方网站登录致力于对宗教教义和基督教品格给予足够的重视和重视. 威斯尼斯人官方网站登录要以教导和榜样的方式,向你们展示基督徒的生活方式. 威斯尼斯人官方网站登录不强迫你接受它. 你可以自由选择,但威斯尼斯人官方网站登录想让你知道是什么.

Pepperdine remained thoroughly involved with the college for the rest of his life, 经常被看到在校园里和Mrs. Pepperdine, attending chapel, board meetings, school functions, and sporting events. 他在自传中讲述了他的人生故事和他上大学的目的 信仰是我的财富 (1959). 乔治·威斯尼斯人官方网站登录于7月31日去世, 1962, 他的生命是马太福音10:8的化身, 这已成为大学的校训: 你们白白地领受,也要白白地施与.



9月21日, 1937, 乔治威斯尼斯人官方网站登录学院的新校区,000 attendees gathered to witness the opening of the school. Speakers that day included California governor Frank Merriam, Los Angeles mayor Frank L. Shaw,学院的第一任校长Batsell Baxter,和创始人George Pepperdine. 人群中有这所大学的第一批学生, 167 young men and women from 22 states and two foreign countries. Mr. 威斯尼斯人官方网站登录那天清楚地表达了他对学校的意图:“威斯尼斯人官方网站登录学院致力于实现两个目标:第一, 文科方面的学术训练 . . . Secondly, 威斯尼斯人官方网站登录特别致力于一个更大的目标,那就是在学生身上建立一个像基督的生活, 对教会的爱, 以及对人类灵魂的激情."


The campus was located in the Vermont Knolls area of Los Angeles, a few miles south of downtown; formerly it had been a 34-acre estate with an 18-room mansion that had now been converted into the president's residence. Four buildings had quickly risen that year: Baxter Hall, the men's dormitory; Marilyn Hall, the women's residence; an administration building housing classrooms, offices, a library, and an auditorium; and a dining hall. The campus architecture was built in the Streamline Moderne style, 所有的新建筑都被涂成了浅蓝色,这种颜色后来在洛杉矶的油漆店中被称为“威斯尼斯人官方网站登录蓝”."


Pepperdine's school colors were adopted in 1937 after students voted to approve President Baxter's suggestion of blue and orange; blue representing the Pacific Ocean, 橙色代表加州. Baxter also recommended "Waves" as the name for Pepperdine athletic teams to differentiate from other schools' penchant for animal names. 尽管当时学校离大海有数英里远, 它得到了认可,并从此成为威斯尼斯人官方网站登录运动的特征. 在第一年里, 两名学生提议将《威尼斯游戏软件下载》作为校报的名称,因为它包含了乔治威斯尼斯人官方网站登录学院(GPC)的首字母缩写。, 这个名字一直延续到今天.

In 1937, tuition was low relative to other schools, thanks to Mr. Pepperdine's initial endowment, with room, board, tuition, and fees amounting to $420. Those who today would be called "commuter" students were charged $135 for the year. By contrast, a hamburger and soft drink in the cafeteria cost 20 cents, 鸡蛋早餐, hotcakes, and coffee, 30 cents.

A Good Start

巴克斯特的总统任期有意缩短, lasting only two years until his resignation in June 1939, 但他的短暂任期利用了他在另外两所基督教学院的经验, 大卫利普斯科姆学院和阿比林基督教学院, 以建立良好的学术和行政基础以及深思熟虑的传统为特征. 在学院开办的第一年, 开业仅7个月, 威斯尼斯人官方网站登录获得了西北协会的全面认可, 地区认证机构. 巴克斯特和休·蒂纳院长, 巴克斯特的继任者是谁, 招募了22名教员, 其中三人拥有博士学位. And on June 6, 1938, 经过一年的运作, Pepperdine celebrated its first commencement awarding diplomas to a graduating class of four.
1944年秋天,学院开始提供第一个研究生学位,宗教艺术硕士学位. 甚至在提供硕士学位之前, Pepperdine had already served as a training ground for persons entering the ministry. Sixty young ministers were listed as enrollees in March 1944, and several alumni entered the foreign mission field following WWII.


1944年,第78届国会通过了G.I. 为二战退伍军人提供高等教育和职业培训的法案, 产生一个深远的, expansionary effect on higher education across America, 威斯尼斯人官方网站登录学院也参与其中. 入学人数从1946年的824人上升到1949年的1830人. 1950年开始的韩半岛军事冲突也对美国大学男生的入学模式产生了积极的影响. 在这段时间 the faculty grew from 67 (regular and adjunct) in 1946 to 116 in 1947. Number of degrees awarded annually at this time also swelled, with majors in business and education-psychology in the lead, 1950年达到了406, eventually declining and stabilizing to approximately 200 a year through the mid-50s.

President Tiner went on medical leave early in 1957 and shortly thereafter resigned. 那年七月,教育家兼牧师M. Norvel Young, 谁曾在1938年到1941年期间担任学院的历史教授, 被任命为威斯尼斯人官方网站登录第三任主席. Young, 为了提高学院的学术声望, 作为一名极具天赋的网络工作者和筹款人,他在任职期间是否建立了支持基础设施,使不断发展的学校能够朝着多学校大学的发展理念迈进.

In the years from 1957 to 1966, enrollment at the college increased from 1,084 to 1,502. In 1958 the college began an extension program with course offerings at off-site centers which ranged geographically from North Carolina to the Philippines and Okinawa. 这个项目灵活的时间安排是为了让军事人员完成以前不可能完成的学位. 威斯尼斯人官方网站登录学院在这个时期的另一个创新是在1963年为高年级学生设立了一年的欧洲项目. Thirty-six students were sent to the university in Heidelberg, Germany, 在那一年的九月, under the supervision of then dean of graduate studies Howard A. 他后来成为威斯尼斯人官方网站登录的第五任总统.


随着洛杉矶项目的继续发展, 该学院通过收购邻近或邻近的地产来扩建校园, but this process proved to be problematic and cost prohibitive, and the idea of operating in multiple campuses was explored and a committee was formed to investigate possible locations in Southern California. 1968年10月, the college received a remarkable donation of 138 acres of undeveloped ranch land in Malibu, Merritt H. Adamson, 西尔维亚·里奇·亚当森·内维尔, 以及罗达-梅·亚当森·达拉斯, 为了新校园的建设. 威斯尼斯人官方网站登录在2月9日著名的“学院诞生”晚宴上宣布了其扩张计划, 1970, 当时的州长罗纳德·里根, and subsequently dedicated the Malibu property on May 23. 然后威斯尼斯人官方网站登录副总裁威廉·S. 巴诺斯基(后来在1971年接替杨校长)被任命为尚在襁褓中的马里布校区的校长.


1969年,威斯尼斯人官方网站登录学院将商科重组为独立的商学院,并接受了收购橘子大学法学院的要约. It had been the first law school located in Orange County, and was operating as a for-profit night school in Santa Ana. Pepperdine College also had future plans to develop the department of education into a separate professional school (becoming so in 1971), 受托人重新定义了威尼斯游戏软件下载,并在1月1日宣布它为威尼斯游戏软件下载, 1971. 同年十月, 大学组织最终被细化为两个学院, arts, and sciences one located at the Los Angeles Campus and the other at the 马里布的校园, 奥兰治县的法学院, 以及继续教育学院, 工商管理学院, 教育学院, 和研究生院都在洛杉矶校区.


马里布校区的第一批学生于1972年9月6日入学. 这867名新生中有475名是新生, the largest beginning class at Pepperdine up until that time. 在他们到达之前, 建设, completion, 马里布校园建筑的落成仪式也在迅速进行, 正好赶上开学时间. 第二年, 1973, 见证了马里布两处标志性地标的建成, 菲利普斯主题塔和斯托弗教堂.

At the 马里布的校园 commencement ceremony on December 15, 1974, 威廉·巴诺夫斯基(William Banowsky)校长宣布,位于马里布校区的文理学院将被命名为弗兰克·R. 西维尔文理学院, after the memory of the husband of Blanche Ebert Seaver, 马里布校区的主要捐助者.


Proceeding through the 1970s on the Los Angeles Campus James R. 威尔伯恩(Graziadio商学院和公共政策学院荣誉退休院长)担任教务长, Donald Sime became dean of 工商管理学院, and Olaf Tegner became dean of 教育学院. 1976年,教育学院成为大学第一个提供教育的博士项目的所在地.D. 在这段时间, 大学试图保持活跃的本科生教育项目和洛杉矶校园的威斯尼斯人官方网站登录, 但入学人数还是下降了,许多课程在1976年就被取消了. 下降的趋势是不可避免的,洛杉矶文学院, arts, 科学(重组为专业研究学院)在1980-1981学年后关闭. 洛杉矶校区被出售的部分原因是为了住房开发,但现在大部分的地产作为克伦肖基督教中心教堂的校园有着神圣的用途. The School of Business and Management and 教育学院 were relocated to a business park in West Los Angeles which was named 威尼斯游戏软件下载 Plaza.

西维尔大学 Ascendant – Recommitting to First Causes

In the 1970s a spirit of optimism infused the 西维尔大学 community as it received an increasing number of student applications, the number of faculty holding doctorates had risen to 85 percent, 《威尼斯游戏软件下载》获得了几个全州范围的奖项. One unique, but very prominent source of national publicity began in 1976 when 西维尔大学 became the filming location of the television show Battle of the Network Stars. 据估计,有4000万观众定期收看并见证了这所美丽的海边校园.

西维尔学院成立后不久, 校董事会批准将法学院迁至马里布校区,并于5月22日动工, 1976, 美国最高法院助理法官哈里·布莱克门在仪式上发表了讲话. 1979年8月, 三层的法律中心, 以恩人奥德尔·麦康奈尔的名字命名, 已完成并被占用.

With the plant relocations to Malibu and West Los Angeles, 威尼斯游戏软件下载已经解决了确保物理空间以充分实现其发展的制度问题, and the principal project which faced fifth president Howard A. White, 1978年巴诺夫斯基的继任者是谁, 是开始设法使大学开始兴建符合其学术目的的校舍吗. White was a particularly astute recruiter and assembled an impressive team of academics, 专业管理人员, 以及为完成这项任务而筹集资金的人. 正是在怀特担任校长期间,哈佛大学开始了第一次高达九位数的竞选活动, “卓越浪潮”活动. The Wave of Excellence最终筹集了137美元.8 million (far exceeding its $100 million goal) and its most visible benefit to the University was 建设 of the five-story Charles B. 桑顿管理中心, 参观者从大门进入校园时所遇到的第一个建筑.

For a University to seriously ask itself what and how to build, and to recruit the generosity of others to share in that program, 就像这一时期一样, 首先假定存在一个清晰的愿景和一个关于学校的首要原则的梦想. It is no mere coincidence that at this time President White deftly engaged the Pepperdine community in reconsidering its academic and spiritual purposes, which resulted in a formal reaffirmation of its connections to the Christian faith tradition and a succinct statement of its mission. 1985年,怀特实际上辞去了他的职务,并与威斯尼斯人官方网站登录董事(前受托人)一起工作,并最终任命继任者戴维·达文波特为第六任大学校长.


In 1981 the Psychology Division from the Los Angeles Campus was merged into 教育学院 now located at 威尼斯游戏软件下载 Plaza, and one year later the school was renamed the 教育与心理学研究生院 ("GSEP" as it is known for short in the Pepperdine community).

1986年发生了几项重大的学术变革:GSEP第一次提供心理学博士(Psy.D.) degree; 工商管理学院 initiated a residential MBA program on the Malibu campus, 法学院成立了施特劳斯争议解决研究所. 在威斯尼斯人官方网站登录的国际项目中, 西维尔大学和法学院的实验性伦敦海外留学项目被证明是成功的, 为西维尔开设的弗洛伦斯暑期学习项目正准备在1987年秋季进行全年学习.


在他15年的任期内(1985年至2000年), 达文波特校长有意将大学的运作模式从传统的, 行政层级结构, 每一所学校都有一个中心的“象牙塔”和隶属于教育权力和影响力的竖井. Davenport often invoked the metaphor of knowledge as light, 通过透明透明的光网络向各个方向传送. This change in thinking evolved twofold into a collaborative management model wherein both outsiders and University 管理员 could provide input and feedback, and into the enhanced independence of the schools for the purpose of allowing them to autonomously develop innovative programs to meet the ever-changing needs of students.

1987年到1990年之间, GSEP added master's degree programs in educational technology, 学校的商业管理, 和临床心理学. 1988年,在威斯尼斯人官方网站登录的学校中,GSEP是第一个任命女院长的学校. 南希Magnusson费根. 当时的工商管理学院(School of Business and Management)增设了技术管理和国际商务硕士学位. 在这段时间, 西维尔大学 instituted a Great Books curriculum modeled after the University of Chicago's, and the Institute of Dispute Resolution began offering a postgraduate certificate (to be followed with an offering of a master of dispute resolution in 1995). 随着GSEP项目和商学院的发展, 整个南方的需求也是如此, and graduate campus spaces were leased in Encino (1987), 长滩(1990), 《威斯尼斯人官方网站登录》(1995).

20世纪90年代最重要的学术发展之一是建立了一个新的研究生院, 公共政策学院(SPP)提供公共政策硕士学位. 1996年,该大学被设计为一个独立的学院, 学校于1997年秋季正式成立并招生. Small by comparison with its sisters to this day (total enrollment slightly exceeds 60), SPP提供公共政策硕士学位,并已发展成为大学最以研究为导向的学院.


The build-out of the Malibu campus continued to flurry throughout the early to mid-1990s, 见证了许多建筑项目的完成,包括洛克威尔大厦的宿舍和霍华德A. 白人中心(HAWC)为学生提供娱乐活动. In 1992 the Weisman Museum of Art was founded as part of the newly built Cultural Arts Center, 和法学院, 佩森图书馆, 和费尔斯通Fieldhouse都扩建了. Shortly after the completion of the tennis pavilion in May 1993, Pepperdine hosted the 1995 NCAA Division I Women’s Tennis Western Regional Championships.

西维尔学院的校风在1992年2月高涨,当时还是大三学生的香农·Marketic摘得美国小姐桂冠, 男子排球队(又名“马里布屋顶公司”)在3月赢得了NCAA第一级冠军, and the baseball team won the College World Series in June. The champion spirit revisited the school a few years later when both the men's golf and water polo teams claimed NCAA national titles in 1997.


目前,该大学的目标是通过提供完整的机会,让至少50%的本科生参加国际教育体验, 也鼓励研究生出国留学. In 1990 the Prince's Gate London campus opened as the permanent home of the London program, 1995年,Villa DiLoreto和Residenza Tagliaferri物业合并形成了佛罗伦萨校园. Short-term programs were added in Madrid and Paris in 1993, 一年后, 一个在布宜诺斯艾利斯的拉丁美洲项目, Argentina, 向学生敞开大门. The School of Law expanded its London offerings from summer only to a year-round program. 西维尔学院增加了一个国际商务本科专业, 并且除国际商务硕士外,成立于1989年, 该商学院扩大了MBA课程的国际学习范围.

大学日益增长的国际主义倾向也表现在联合课程中. 在20世纪90年代初苏联解体的时候, 商学院院长吉姆•威尔伯恩(Jim Wilburn)在俄罗斯的众多人脉,为他和威斯尼斯人官方网站登录的同事们提供了机会,可以就如何建设自由市场经济向俄罗斯政界和商界领袖提供咨询和建议. In addition to the delegations and panels led by Dean Wilburn, the University enjoyed many Russian cultural exchanges, 招待作家和思想家. 1992-1993学年后,威尔伯恩辞去了商学院院长一职,由奥蒂斯•巴斯金(Otis Baskin)接任. Graziadio, Jr., in 1996.


努力实现达文波特总统的沟通自由和不受限制的理想, effective actions were taken to digitize data systems at this time. 1992年,图书卡目录被转换成主机系统, 新宿舍安装了以太网连接, 为HAWC设计了一个24小时的计算机实验室, GSEP提供了它的第一个远程学习学位, 教师们开始在数字媒体上编制他们的课程数据库,以方便学生访问. 达文波特任期结束时, 建设 of the University's 21st-century data infrastructure and its inevitable progression toward wireless campuses was well underway.

 A National Presence in the New Millennium (2000–Present)

当安德鲁·K. 本顿于2000年被任命为威尼斯游戏软件下载第七任校长, 他庆祝大学第二次资本竞选成功筹得3.13亿元, “挑战,” but he then issued five more challenges to meet: challenges to expand resources, 增强多样性, 加强与文物的联系, 创造一种社区意识, 强调学术和文化. 因此,大学在21世纪初的项目就是加强这些领域, 在本世纪头十年的动荡时期,证明这是一项艰巨的任务.

“挑战领导”运动的成功筹款使大学具备了继续扩建马里布的条件. Work soon began to carve out the bluff on the campus’ northwest sector to clear space for 建设 of the Drescher Graduate Campus. 这项对马里布校区的重大扩建以创纪录的时间完成, 2003年8月开学, 为公共政策学院和全日制学生提供一个大本营, residential programs of GSEP and the 对此商学院. 这个校园拥有全方位服务的酒店和会议中心(格拉齐亚迪奥别墅行政中心), 还有一个图书馆和数据中心. Significant additions to the lower campus included the Keck Science Center (2001) and the Center for Communication and Business (2002).

2002年,斯托弗教堂广场建造了军事荣誉花园, followed in 2003 by Heroes Garden on the Drescher Graduate Campus, 一个让人沉思现代英雄的可爱地方,比如校友汤姆·伯内特(Tom Burnett, 95年MBA毕业), 美国联合航空公司93号航班的乘客, 他被召唤去对抗自杀式炸弹袭击者——在9月11日献出自己的生命拯救无数人, 2001. 为了纪念这一天,大学每年都会在校友公园举行令人心酸的旗帜展. 在情感的对比, 马里布校园的主要户外空间在2009年被重新设计并指定为穆林镇广场, a festive central piazza offering a focal point for community engagement and student life. Outside of Malibu, the headquarters of the Graziadio School and GSEP and their West L.A. 学术项目从卡尔弗城的威斯尼斯人官方网站登录广场转移到西L的霍华德休斯中心的新设施.A.


在20世纪90年代,威斯尼斯人官方网站登录经常进入媒体提供的一流和一流四分之一排名, such as U.S. News & World Report. 到21世纪初,它已经在其他排名靠前的大学中获得了相当长久的地位. 再加上它偶尔出现在全国体育锦标赛的聚光灯下(赢得了NCAA 2005年第一级男子排球锦标赛和男子网球锦标赛),以及它完美无缺的马里布地理位置, 大学开始在国民意识中占据一席之地,并准备接受和塑造自己.

在2000年代, 几个知名教师, 管理员, 他们各自领域的顶尖从业者都选择将他们的事业带到威斯尼斯人官方网站登录, 在那里,他们可以与学生建立真正的关系,庇护和尊重他们的信仰. Pepperdine students were mentored by such minds as Edward Larson, 布鲁斯Herschensohn, 克里斯托弗Parkening, 以及前法学院院长肯·斯塔尔.

在十年的后半期,香港大学开始通过许多新的访问教授职位和杰出讲座系列,为学生提供更多与知名威尼斯游戏软件下载和思想家的短期接触. 在这段时间, 这所大学成为美国最高法院的几位大法官以演讲和讲师的身份来访的定期站点, 包括塞缪尔•阿利托, 斯卡利亚法官, 克拉伦斯•托马斯, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, 和首席大法官约翰·罗伯茨, 以及退休法官桑德拉·戴·奥康纳. At other times noted California historian and author Victor David Hanson served as visiting professor at the 公共政策学院; Nobel Peace Prize winner Muhammad Yunus addressed the University (he has also taken Pepperdine student interns); and the University has received inspiration and spiritual challenge from such leading lights in Christian thought as N. T. 莱特、马丁·马蒂、达拉斯·威拉德和奥斯·吉尼斯.

21世纪初,教师们被鼓励充分发展他们的研究领域的专业知识和教学热情, allowing them to engage in the formation and development of research centers and institutes. The School of Law was especially active in this pursuit with the creation of the Palmer Center for Entrepreneurship and the Law; the Nootbaar Institute on Law, Religion, and Ethics; and the Wm. Byrne, Jr.司法书记员协会. The Glazer Institute for Jewish Studies; the Davenport Institute for Public Engagement and Civic Leadership; the Center for Applied Research; the Center for Teaching Excellence; and the Institute for Entertainment, Media, Sports, and Culture, 所有这些都是在本世纪头20年形成的, 学生和教师的课外教育来源是否相同.

另一个衡量大学学术声誉增长的标准可以在一个突出的竞争奖学金的例子中看到. 2005年的年度报告特别指出,威尼斯游戏软件下载毕业生卡莉·菲尔曼(Kari Filerman)获得了富布赖特奖学金,以研究墨西哥的银行体系. 此后,威斯尼斯人官方网站登录的富布赖特威尼斯游戏软件下载人数增加了:2006年增加了两名, five in 2008, five in 2009, 2010年有7个. 西维尔学院(西维尔大学)院长戴维·贝尔德(David Baird)创造的大学生氛围鼓励学生申请享有声望的奖学金, 同时确保学生得到适当的支持和准备,以成功地努力被选中.


在威尼斯游戏软件下载本科课程的国际重点在整个2000年继续扩大. 里昂推出了一个法国文化项目, France, in 2003, 然后被安置到洛桑的永久设施, Switzerland, in 2007. Asian study opportunities were in turn arranged: first in Japan, 后来在香港和泰国, 目前在上海有一个永久的校园, China. 许多其他的留学机会被创造出来, allowing the international studies program to expand and contract around the shifting requirements of logistics and support in host countries. 2008年,威斯尼斯人官方网站登录在华盛顿建立了一个校区, DC, which serves as home base for Seaver and Caruso students engaged in internships in the nation’s capital and as an alternative venue for seminars and short-term programs.

商科的研究生专业课程, education, 心理学在这段时间里也紧随其后, 展示他们的能力,在瞬间改变和改变的地区市场需求. The Pasadena Graduate Campus opened for a time; the 欧文研究生校园 and the Silicon Valley Graduate Center in San Jose both opened and the former continues to serve students today; the Long Beach campus briefly operated mid-decade. The University responded to the depressed 21st-century jobs market by developing several new graduate-level degrees for professionals updating their skills. 2003年,法学院为牛津大学提供了第一个争议解决法学硕士学位. 2007年,Graziadio学院推出了3个应用金融学科的理学硕士学位, 全球业务, 管理和领导力. 西维尔学院(西维尔大学)于2009年推出了影视写作艺术硕士课程, 2010年,GSEP引入了社会创业与变革的硕士学位. 


The invigoration of Pepperdine’s Christian heritage was among President Benton’s goals, and the University made a renewed effort to call its students, faculty, staff, 支持者通过课程讲授和行政管理人员的领导来引领服务的生活, 敦促所有人利用他们的资源和优秀的教育来帮助和指导那些贫穷的人. 威斯尼斯人官方网站登录社区的各个部门从学校一开始就一直积极参与公共服务, 在经济衰退期间,牛津大学作出了显著的努力,将高等教育的作用框定为最好的手段,通过将知识应用于人类的需要,呼吁人们发挥最大的潜力,创造有意义的生活.


While the new millennium’s second decade featured many changes in the social landscape, 技术的使用, 以及传统意义上的政治, 威斯尼斯人官方网站登录以其强大的实力和作为一个具有稳固身份的机构的稳健,经受住了不断演变的事件. By 2010 the impact of the recession of the previous decade was beginning to turn around, 但是全国的慈善捐赠并没有恢复到经济衰退前的水平. 2011年,该大学仍然公开发起了威斯尼斯人官方网站登录运动. The campaign’s success reflected the generosity and commitment of the school’s supporters. Nearly 50,000年捐助者参加, raising $141 million for scholarship funds and aid to students, and $140 million for new faculty and academic initiatives. 截至2014年底,该活动共筹集了4.7亿美元(比最初的目标多出2000万美元). To help establish giving as a habit among community members, 一年一度的送礼日, Give2Pepp, 2017年启动. Each year more than 3,000 donors have supported the school during the annual drive. 

2019年,法学院从校友里克·卡鲁索(JD ' 83)那里获得了5000万美元的变革性捐赠。, and his wife, Tina, and was renamed the 卡鲁索法学院 in the donor’s honor. 卡鲁索捐赠的用途是帮助背负贷款债务的法学学生,并使更多得不到充分服务的社区成员能够在这所学校获得法学博士学位.

在孩子们的成长过程中,马里布校区经历了多次升级, including a significant makeover of the Runnels Sports and Recreation Village in 2013, which gained a new “focus subfloor system” for the basketball court, 扩大足球场, 还有泳池的改善. 佩森图书馆于2017年进行了全面翻修, 获得更多开放空间和更多休闲座位, 以及创世纪实验室的安装, a digital makerspace with 3D printers and virtual reality gear. 

The following year, the law school enjoyed renovations to its Caruso Auditorium and Lon V. Smith Atrium, 四百多名高年级学生搬进了新的阳光充足的海滨宿舍, a high-tech, accessible, 节能的结构. Pepperdine replaced its Westlake Village campus with a campus in Calabasas in 2016. 卡拉巴萨斯最先进的校园, 有100多个,000 square feet and just a short drive from the Malibu campus, provides classroom and study space for graduate students and houses administrative offices, a warehouse, 健身中心, 以及大学的印刷店.


Pepperdine’s reputation continued to rise during the teens under President Benton’s leadership, partly due to Benton’s commitment to excellence in higher education across the country. 在几所知名大学的理事会和协会任职, Benton further established Pepperdine’s national presence. 

与此同时,这所大学的学术排名继续攀升.S. News & World Report ranked Pepperdine number 50 among national universities, 近年来上升到第46位, 法学院排名第47位. The Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution was the number one such program for 13 years, and by 2019, 68名富布赖特威尼斯游戏软件下载从威斯尼斯人官方网站登录出来. Admission to 西维尔大学 became increasingly competitive, 从2015年到2019年,新生的GPA和SAT平均分都有所上升. 西维尔学院的商业课程在2020年初获得了AACSB的认证,独立于格拉齐亚迪奥学院. 

The law school saw an increase in its standing; its elevated ranking was complemented by a dramatic increase in graduates’ first-time California bar passage rate, 从2016年的62%上升到2020年的82%. The University also joined the ranks of colleges sharing their communities’ ideas and visions by hosting the first annual TedXPepperdineU, 由学生领导和运营, in 2019.

To further academic rigor and entrepreneurship at the University, 本顿总统于2014年推出了首个创新浪潮项目. The program provides financial awards to a select group of community members’ projects. 因为它介绍, more than 350 projects have been pitched by Pepperdine faculty, staff, and students, 已经有100多万美元用于指定项目的实施. 成功的创新浪潮包括建立了女性领导力中心和跨学科的娱乐硕士和证书课程, media, sports, and culture. 

In response to a job market with shifting opportunities both in quantity and substance, 大学重新把重点放在培养学生事业成功上. 在这段时间, the Parris Institute for Professional Excellence was established at the law school, 以及女性领导中心, Peate创业研究所, 家族企业遗产中心(Legacy Center for Family Business)在格拉齐亚迪奥学校(Graziadio School)找到了住处. The business school also introduced new degrees to address the changing economic landscape, 包括工商管理博士学位以及商业分析和房地产硕士学位. Addressing the rise in globalization in every facet of life, GSEP为该校提供了第一个全球领导力和变革方面的博士课程, and 西维尔大学 introduced studies in sustainability, and to help students prepare for the increased reliance on data and survey research.  

Students taking advantage of online programs grew dramatically, and by the end of the decade 400 students were earning LLMs, MDRs, 和卡鲁索法学院的大律师, and every graduate education program was offered in a hybrid format. At Graziadio, 2013年首次提供了完全在线的MBA课程, 2019年,学院推出了人力资源在线硕士课程, 管理和领导, 和业务分析. By fall 2019, 24 percent of business school students were earning degrees remotely. 


在2018年的春天, President Benton announced his intent to retire at the end of July of the following year. Events toward the end of President’s Benton tenure rendered his leadership of Pepperdine both more difficult for him and more meaningful to the community. 11月7日, 2018, 西维尔的一年级学生阿莱娜·豪斯利被杀, 还有其他12个人, 在千橡市附近的Borderline酒吧烧烤店发生了大规模枪击事件. As the community was just beginning to process the unfathomable nature of this loss, 第二天,马里布校区北部的伍尔西大火迅速蔓延. 该大学的应急行动委员会实施了该机构的就地避难协议, and while the Calabasas and Malibu campuses remained unharmed, 许多社区成员在火灾中失去了他们的家园和住所.

当时的悲伤和压力几乎是有形的, and the University was blessed to be guided by the composure, compassion, 还有被亲切地称为“学生会主席”的人. 当他准备辞职的时候, 他反思了自己在威斯尼斯人官方网站登录留下的遗产, saying: “Heart and conviction are two words that I hope show up somewhere in my epilogue.在他退休的时候, 本顿被任命为名誉主席, 他继续利用每一个机会促进威斯尼斯人官方网站登录的利益.

A New Leaf

On August 1, 2019, 吉姆·加什(1993年JD), formerly the associate dean for strategic planning and external relations at the School of Law, 担任威斯尼斯人官方网站登录的第八任总裁兼首席执行官. The 评议委员会 had just named Dee Anna Smith (’86) as the board’s new chair, and Gash began his tenure working with the school’s first female, 和第一女校友, board leader. 他很快就为领导层的性别多样性做出了贡献并任命了高级副校长萨拉·杨·杰克逊(1974年), 威斯尼斯人官方网站登录第三任总统的女儿, Norvel Young, 大学校长的职位. 该大学的财务状况良好, 资产接近20亿美元,捐赠基金超过9亿美元. 在他任期的头100天里,加什筹集了8000多万美元的新捐赠和认捐. 在就职典礼上, Gash committed himself to lead the University ever higher, 说着“向上攀登——威斯尼斯人官方网站登录肩负着培养卓越领袖的勇气。, character, creativity, and uncompromising faith—remains the driver for our vision today.”


学校地点有很多变化, personnel, policy, and curriculum have come and gone over its eight decades, 但时至今日,威尼斯游戏软件下载依然与众不同,并秉承其创始人对美国高等教育替代性价值的信念,它提高了学生的智力,并使他们的心灵受到基督的影响. 每年九月的创始人日, 整个大学社区聚集在一起回忆和更新乔治·威斯尼斯人官方网站登录的奉献演说, 在书中,他陈述了这所学校存在的理由:


只要青年男女继续在生活中寻求生计和精神召唤, 威尼斯游戏软件下载的使命一直是持续的,因为它不断寻求提供学生两者.